"Marcia is exceptionally perceptive, grounded, gentle, and compassionate. She brings personal and spiritual depth and maturity, integrity, and great skill as a healer and spiritual guide to her work as a Realization Process therapist and teacher. To help you approach your own depth with insight and compassion, I highly recommend her."

-Judith Blackstone, Founder of the Realization Process


There is a geography to Being that I can teach you to feel within your body. Aligned within the subtle core of your body, you can feel settled and "at home". You may be able to experience deep contact with yourself. By learning to let go within this subtle core, you can transform your limiting and painful experiences that you, like all of us, cling to so tightly.  If I sit within my subtle core while you are in your subtle core, we can be core to core, Being to Being. You can experience yourself, the space between us, and me in my core. You are settled within yourself, distinctly "you", and simultaneously in relationship. This core to core contact allows for feeling and being yourself without being invaded or merged with another. Then it is possible to truly know yourself, and relate authentically.  

You matter. Your experience matters. Your perceptions matter. Your feelings, thoughts and the accompanying sensations, matter. Your relationships matter. Your experiences of overcoming obstacles and resilience matter. Your experiences of failure and getting stuck matter. Your values and purpose matter. Discovering what is causing you pain matters.

As living breathing human beings, we live in a relational world rather than a transactional one. We impact one another, ourselves and every part of our being relationally. We start by caring for ourselves because we matter, and then caring for others because they matter equally. We champion each other's uniqueness while honoring each individual's autonomy. Gentleness matters. Tenderness matters. Strength and resilience matter. Curiosity and openness to new and other perspectives matters. Acceptance matters. Authentic contact with self and others matters. Autonomy matters.

 While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life, past or present. You can come to know your inner Being, and release holding patterns in your body. As you do this, it is possible for you to come to know yourself as truly yourself, and simultaneously as the all pervasive consciousness that connects each one of us to one another and everything else. 

I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals, and to help you know yourself more deeply.

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