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Teacher Certification Training


"As we recognize ourselves as the stillness of spiritual oneness,
all of our experience flows freely through us." Judith Blackstone

Part One

Marcia Haarer, LMSW & Christi Bemister, PsyD, LP
April 6-10, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Part Two

Judith Blackstone
May 24-28, 2019 in Woodstock, New York

During the Meditation Teacher Training, you will learn:

  • The Realization Process is a powerful transformational path to embodied nondual awakening.
  • To stabilize in a nondual state.
  • To connect to your own fundamental consciousness.
  • The core of your being is whole and has never been injured.
  • A process to heal fragmentations between yourself and your environment.
  • The process of healing entanglements with other people.
  • To find balance within yourself as an ever-present source of compassion and contentment.
  • That once stabilized in a nondual state, you will continue to gain depth in the unity and transparency of yourself and the environment.

This training includes the main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, as well as specific practices for cultivating the subtlety, openness, luminosity and steadiness of nondual realization. Sitting, standing and walking meditations will be taught as well as practices for relaxation, concentration, vitality, subtle perception and the deepening of our innate capacities for love and mental clarity.  Absorption, subtle breath, and energy practices will be taught for opening the subtle core of the body and for realizing oneself more completely as the pervasive expanse of fundamental consciousness.  Participants will learn how to perceive and help people overcome individual obstacles to nondual realization, and how to accelerate results in meditation practice for both beginning and advanced practitioners. The training is also an opportunity to deepen your own realization of nondual, fundamental consciousness, through intensive practice of the Realization Process meditations. There will also be an opportunity to pair up with an RP meditation student to practice between parts one and two.


A certificate is awarded at the completion of part two of the training, authorizing you to teach the meditation aspect of the Realization Process.


Please contact Marcia Haarer, LMSW at [email protected] or [email protected] for more information and to register.

To register please contact: 
[email protected]
or call 734-668-6854

$400 Deposit


$930 Part One + Deposit towards Part Two


  • $400 deposit, where $200 will be applied toward each parts (I & II) of the training. 
  • Your deposit is refundable, minus a $50 cancellation fee, if you cancel up to two weeks before part one of the training begins.
  • Part One is $730, Deposit for Part Two is $200, Total cost $930
    (Each part $530 if you are repeating the Realization Process Meditation Training).
    Payment in full for each part is expected prior to the start of the workshop

Part one is  also offered with:

Jon Hansen Portland, Oregon
March 16-20, 2019
[email protected]


Roma Hammel
Los Altos Hills, California
March 23-27, 2019
[email protected]

Realization Process Practice Group

Experience Realization Process practices lead by   Marcia Haarer, LMSW and Christi Bemister, PsyD, LP.  Each month we give you an opportunity to come together to experience essential RP practices. (Realization Process developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD)

First Wednesday of the month beginning September 5, 2018.

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9:00 am-5:00 pm


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