"As we recognize ourselves as the stillness of spiritual oneness,
all of our experience flows freely through us." Judith Blackstone

Part One

Marcia Haarer, LMSW & Christi Bemister, PsyD, LP
April 6-10, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Part Two

Judith Blackstone
May 24-28, 2019 in Woodstock, New York

Please join us for the Part One, of this amazing training!

Course Description:

The Realization Process Meditation training for beginning to advanced psychologists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses is for application in the clinical setting. This workshop is designed to prepare clinicians to utilize the practices from the Realization Process (developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD), in order to demonstrate a somatic approach to healing trauma, anxiety, depression, and issues related to chronic pain for clients. Clinicians will identity the main Realization Process (RP) meditation practices to describe their own somatic experience while simultaneously tracking their client's somatic experience. The clinician will then be able to prepare clients to somatically inhabit their own body in the main locations of the head, throat chest, mid-section, and pelvis to create a foundation to process intense emotion and assess mental clarity. Additionally, clinicians can discussion and demonstrate the RP meditation practices to clients for integration of somatic experiences. Aspects of trauma healing include the ability to identify and then reframe negative self-talk, ability to demonstrate pleasurable experiences, and assess emotional regulation through difficult sensitive situations somatically. Sitting, standing, and walking meditations are demonstrated as well as breathing exercises for relaxation, concentration, vitality, refined perception and the deepening of clients' natural capacities for emotional regulation and mental clarity.

Clinicians will be able to:

• Identify and utilize Realization Process (RP) meditation practices in a clinical setting,
• Analyze common reasons for clients' somatic organizational patterns such as protection, mirroring, or compliance in response to developmental trauma.
• Assess patterns of physical openness and constriction within themselves and within their client's body.
• Demonstrate to clients how inhabiting the body can help recover internal resources of strength and enjoyment.
• Assess clinician's and client's ability to identify their own somatic experiences using RP meditation practices in primary body locations (e.g., head, throat, chest, mid-section, and pelvis).
• Analyze client's ability to identify and integrate physical sensation, emotion, and awareness (thought) utilizing RP meditation practices.
• Analyze client's ability to regain somatic qualities of aliveness, agency, and responsiveness utilizing RP meditation practices.
• Analyze client's ability to identify the difference between mental clarity and emotional reaction utilizing RP meditation practices.

For more information for the course agenda, please email Marcia & Christi [email protected].   

Ann Arbor location is:

Earhart Community Center 835 Greenhills Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 Workshop will meet: April 6 (Saturday)- April 9 (Tuesday): 10am - 4:30pm April 10 (Wednesday): 9am-12pm Program fee is $730 for Part One. Taking Part One is a commitment to take Part Two with Judith Blackstone, in New York 24-28, 2019. The Program fee for part Two is $730.

Combined total cost is $ 1460 For clinician's seeking CEs, 25 CEs will be awarded at the completion of the workshop post test and evaluation.

A certificate is awarded at the completion of part two of the training, authorizing you to teach the Meditation aspect of the Realization Process. The Realization Process Meditation Teacher Certification Training will not be offered again until Fall, 2020 online and Spring, 2022 in person.

Please request an application here, fill it out and send it to Marcia & Christi at [email protected].

Workshop Leaders:

Christi Bemister, PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist in Michigan, also trained in holistic healing modalities. She embodies compassion and experience to help you heal, uncover your strengths, and create a quality life. She uses an integrated mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical framework tailored to you. These methods foster self-understanding and encouragement to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards resolving life's concerns. Her clinical training focused on chronic pain, addiction, and trauma using a variety of modalities including CBT, Exposure Therapy, and more. Dr. Bemister has 30+ years study and training in spiritual, mindfulness, and other more alternative healing practices and is a senior teacher of the Realization Process. Marcia Haarer, LMSW, is a Psychotherapist in private practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is a Senior Teacher of the Realization Process (created by Judith Blackstone, PhD). Marcia has a transpersonal psychology orientation; thus, she brings 38 years' experience working with childhood and adult trauma, using many somatic oriented therapeutic modalities. She teaches meditation and has incorporated meditation as an integral practice into her therapy tool kit spanning 40 years. Accommodations for the Differently Abled Commonwealth Educational Seminars' training facilities are handicap accessible. Individuals needing special accommodations,

please contact: Marcia Haarer, LMSW & Christi Bemister, PsyD, (734) 668-6854or [email protected].

Grievance Policy

Commonwealth Educational Seminars (CES) seeks to ensure equitable treatment of every person and to make every attempt to resolve grievances in a fair manner. Please submit a written grievance to CES, 1020 Osterville West Barnstable Rd, Marstons Mills, MA 02648. Grievances will initially be directed to the training instructor. Grievances would receive, to the best of our ability, corrective action in order to prevent further problems. If you have questions or concerns, contact Commonwealth Educational Seminars at (800) 376-3345.

Please email Marcia & Christi if you have other questions here. 

To register please contact: 
[email protected]
or call 734-668-6854

$400 Deposit


$930 Part One + Deposit towards Part Two


  • $400 deposit, where $200 will be applied toward each parts (I & II) of the training. 
  • Your deposit is refundable, minus a $50 cancellation fee, if you cancel up to two weeks before part one of the training begins.
  • Part One is $730 and Part Two is $730 Total cost $1460
    Payment in full for each part is expected prior to the start of the workshop

Part one is  also offered with:

Jon Hansen Portland, Oregon
March 16-20, 2019
[email protected]


Roma Hammel
Los Altos Hills, California
March 23-27, 2019
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Realization Process Practice Group

Experience Realization Process practices lead by   Marcia Haarer, LMSW and Christi Bemister, PsyD, LP.  Each month we give you an opportunity to come together to experience essential RP practices. (Realization Process developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD)

First Wednesday of the month beginning September 5, 2018.

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